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All National Firearms Act-regulated products are built in accordance with Federal, state and local laws and regulations. Currently, I’m only building SBRs on customer-provided receivers that have been registered on an approved & stamped Form 1 or Form 4. Suppressed uppers can be built around a customer-supplied suppressor, or one of the suppressors available on our Sale Items page.

Contact us for a quote form, to coordinate shipment on an NFA item or with any questions.

Short Barrel Rifle, 11.5″ bbl, Tan Shadow finish
.300 Blackout SBR- 10.5″ barrel
Citzen Arms 9mm Hyperlite Sbrs
9x19mm SBR 100 yard groups
Ca .308 Win Shhort Barrel Rifle
.308 Win Hyperlight SBR, 12.5″ barrel, Conifer Shadow finish
.308 16in & 5.56 Sbr
.308 Win 16″ precision carbine & 5.56x45mm Short Barrel Rifle, 11.5″ barrel
Ca .300 Blackout Sbr
.300 Blackout/.300 Whipser Short Barrel Rifle; 10.5″ barrel
7.62x39 Sbrs & Eastern Predator
7.62x39mm Short Barrel Rifle, 11.5″ barrel
.300 Bo Sbr
.300 BLK SBR, 10.5″ barrel
Citizen Arms 5.56mm Sbr
11.5″ barrel; 3-color Tan Shadow finish
.300 Blk Suppressed Pistol
.300 Blackout Suppressed Pistol, GSL suppressor
7.62x39 Sbrs & Eastern Predator
7.62x39mm SBR, 11.5″ barrel, FDE
5.56 12.5" Sbr Upper
Suppressed SBR, 12.5″ barrel; side-charger; Dead Air Sandman suppressor
5.56 Pistol Upper
5.56 Suppressed pistol on customer receivers & Q suppressor
Ca 9mm Pistol Od Suppressed
Suppressed 9mm Pistol upper, 10″ barrel; SCO Octane suppressor, OD Green
Ca 5.56 Short Barrel Rifle
5.56 SBR, 11.5″ barrel


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